Daniel Pannrucker | Company Builder | Investor & Advisor

Daniel Pannrucker supports companies with expertise and capital. He develops outstanding business solutions for innovative companies in the marketing, media, entertainment and technology industry.

As a company builder, Daniel Pannrucker invests and actively participates in a company’s development in order to sustain the increase in value and create significant competitive advantages – for long-term company success or a rapid scaling up to the exit.

Daniel Pannrucker

My mission is to bring new things to life.

Before becoming a company builder, Daniel Pannrucker worked successfully for companies in the marketing, media, entertainment and technology industry and was involved in business set-ups and M&A processes.

Since then, he has been supporting companies in new start-ups, turnarounds, transformations, co-operations, growth, internationalisation, transactions and the search for innovative business models.

As a business angel and co-investor, Daniel Pannrucker invests in disruptive business areas and niches, which are synergised from his holdings and network. Depending on the problem, he cooperates with selected subject specialists from the areas of finance, production, tax, law, logistics, sales and technology and is extremely well-connected in these sectors.

Daniel Pannrucker likes to spend his time with his son, Titus. He likes to travel to unusual places and loves spending time outdoors. He is sporty, enjoys a balanced lifestyle and is interested in art, design and films. If a topic inspires him, he sometimes supports people in their personal and entrepreneurial development – without remuneration.

Current Projects

Dentsu Aegis Network Germany GmbH

Since 07/2019
Based in Wiesbaden, Germany

Isobar Germany GmbH

Since 07/2019
Based in Düsseldorf, Germany

xymatic GmbH

Since 11/2017
Based in Berlin, Germany

rt5 GmbH

Since 11/2017
Based in Berlin, Germany

yolo films GmbH

Since 07/2017
Based in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Daniel Pannrucker was born on 13.07.1977 in Luxembourg. His primary school teacher wrote: “Daniel is a loner with surprising creativity and a lot of ambition. With his inimitable and sensitive way, he wins everyone for himself. “– That still applies to him today.

He sought the unusual ways. Not always to the joy of his parents. Instead of enjoying a “sensible education”, he graduated with a diploma in Art in Luxembourg and then started a degree in visual communication and advertising at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.

Previous Projects


Managing Di­rec­tor of Isobar in Düsseldorf from the Dentsu Aegis Network. Isobar is a leading global creative agency with a strong focus on digital transformation.


Initiator and Managing Di­rec­tor of The Story Lab from the Dentsu Aegis Network. The specia­l­ist develops crea­tive con­tent partner­­ships, pro­duces premium enter­­tain­­ment con­tent, distri­­butes con­tent rights and makes con­tent invest­­ments for the media and brands.


Board Director of Dentsu Aegis Network, respon­sible for the develop­ment and imple­men­­tation of content-driven busi­ness areas. The net­work provides effective brand, media and digital communi­cations services.


Interim Managing Director of the Iso­bar crea­tive agency in Düssel­dorf as part of a compre­hensive reorien­tation in cooper­ation with the Exe­cutive Board of the Dentsu Aegis Network.


Interim Managing Director of indigo adver­tising agency in Düssel­dorf as part of a compre­hensive reorien­tation in close relation­ship with the Exe­cutive Board of the Dentsu Aegis Network.


Managing Director of BLÖCHER­ + PART­NER­ PLAT­­­FOR­­MING® in Ham­burg, the special­ist agency for inte­grated and efficient products in the area of ​​inno­vative media cooper­ation and digital media.


Founder and Investor of the Blogger Circle. A premium net­­work connect­­ing blog­gers and brands in record time. At the end of 2015, the com­­pany and its team was sold to the Dentsu Aegis Network.


Founder and Managing Di­rec­tor of LEO­TAIN­MENT based in Cologne. Expan­sion into an agen­cy for inter­­active bran­­ding experien­ces. In De­­cem­ber 2015 sale of assets and con­ti­­nu­­ation in the agen­cies of the Dentsu Aegis Net­work Ger­­many.


Co-Founder and General Manager of the Special Agen­cy Newcast in Düssel­dorf. Cre­ation and manage­ment of a develop­ment and inno­vation agen­­cy for crea­tive media and communi­cation solu­tions.


Employee at the special­ist agen­­cy BLÖCHER + PART­NER PLAT­­FOR­M­ING® in Ham­burg. Develop­­ment and marke­­ting of highly-ex­­clu­­sive media and brand plat­­forms for the adver­­ti­­sing indus­­try.


Trainee­­ship as a media and com­mu­ni­­­ca­tion plan­­ner at Media­­com in Düsse­l­­­dorf, as well as a staff mem­ber at Magic Moments, a special­ist agen­­cy for crea­­tive media and communi­­cation solutions.

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